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SMT & IC & LED Industry Inspection

In-line/off-line X-ray inspection NDT system machine,5600 X-Ray Testing Machine, Non-destructive Analysis x ray machine

Semiconductor Industry Inspection 

X-Ray Images Machine,6600 x ray IC semiconductor x ray test machine

Battery & Solor Cell Industry Inspection

x ray system bga smt pcb solutions, X-ray Imaging test Equipment

Seamark ZM


Seamark ZM & Zhuomao Story,Why Big company Also Choose Seamark ZM? On-site service-Well-known brand-Good reputation Read More

Why Choose US-Seamark ZM

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Shenzhen Zhuomao Partner

Products chain has been spread around the World, Foxcoon purchased it for IPhone Apple Mobile Phone inspection and Repair  Read More

X-Ray machines BGA rework station LCD TV panel repair Specialist

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