Project Description

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring  Workstation is suitable for public health  epidemic  monitoring,  automatic   body  temperature  detection,  mask  wearingdetection,  and spray  disinfection.  This  workstation will  reduce  the  labor intensity  of personnel,  improve the  safety for  the  personnel under  high-frequency contacts,  and effectively avoid the risk of cross infection in public areas and crowded places.

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation is equipped  with accessories such  as casters and  ramps, which is suitable  for various application scenarios.  It has strong  mobility and simple  deployment, can work sustainably when plugged in.

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation Scope of application

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation provides one-stop solutions including  body  temperature  measurement, disinfection, status recognition, commuting punch-in and data upload. ANMO  Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring  Workstation can  be  used  for government agencies, hospitals, schools,  supermarkets, communities, office buildings, railway stations, airports, factories and other public areas and crowded places.

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation Feature

  1. Automatic temperature monitoring

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation adopts imported  high-precision  industrial  infrared  spectrum sensor,  which  is calibrated by blackbody radiation source before delivery. It can realize non-contact, fast and reliable  body  temperature measurement,  and effectively  avoid cross  infection. It can collect body temperatures in real time, extract and compare peak value, and output signal lamps and  voice prompt. The temperature measurement  module can adjust the angle to adapt to different people.

When  the body  temperature  is  normal, the  voice  broadcasts  the  body temperature value.

When the body temperature exceeds 37.3℃,  it will  give a double prompt of sound and image, and automatically take photos  and upload them to the administrator’s computer or mobile phone.

  1. Automatic Mask Wearing Detection

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation can detect  those who do  not wear a  mask, and voice reminds  “Please wear a mask”.

  1. Auto-induction Spray Hand Disinfection

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation adopts  non-contact  induction spraying,  and  can  carry  out  hand  disinfection simultaneously when measuring temperature, with high efficiency, safety and health.

  1. Commuting punch-in and wireless data transmission

ANMO can also achieve commuting punch-in and data unloading at the same time. The face  recognition system  can support  offline storage  of 100,000  face photos  and recognition records. It can also monitor abnormal people and upload them to the server.

  1. Auto-induction 3D spray disinfection

ANMO is equipped with microwave moving object induction sensor. When the personnel enters, the atomization machine is quickly started to perform spray disinfection in the disinfection area.

  1. Wind curtain closed disinfection area

Half of  the  space of  Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation is  disinfection area.  The  floor of  this area  is completely covered with disinfection carpet. The atomizing disinfection machine sprays disinfection gas into this  area and a wind curtain  system is set to  keep the area full of  disinfection gas at all times, for disinfecting the human body in all directions.

  1. Non-contact during the whole process

During the whole process:  temperature measurement → punch-in → mask recognition→ hand disinfection → whole body disinfection, there is zero contact with the equipment, effectively preventing cross infection.

  1. Strong mobility

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation has two sets of universal casters with brakes and two sets of directional  casters with  brakes, which  are  convenient  for moving,  fast  layout,  and can  reduce  storage space occupation. Also nylon wheels to adapt to various road conditions.

  1. Foldable auxiliary channel

The entrance  and exit of Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation are equipped with  auxiliary access ramps,  which are convenient for people and wheelchairs to enter. The ramps are foldable and convenient for movement and storage.

  1. Simple deployment

The equipment uses  220V AC power,  and the power  consumption is less than  500W. The  layout  is   simple,  no  special  personnel   is  required  to  install  and   debug  the equipment. The operation is simple, easy to learn and operate.

  1. Electricity safety

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation is  equipped with leakage  protection system and  anti-lightning surge system  to ensure the safety of users.

  1. Passage lighting

The passage in Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation is equipped with auto-sensing LED lighting, which is convenient for use at night or in dark light environment.