Automatic laser Reballing machine ZM-ZQ120A

Automatic laser Reballing machine ZM-ZQ120A Main Features:

1. Suitable for high-precision welding, accuracy ±20um, product minimum clearance 100um;

2. The range of solder balls can be selected in a wide range, Diameter 0.2 mm – 0.76 mm.

3. Applied to the metal surfaces such as tinned, gold and silver;

4. One-Click frame selection, flexible selection of target area of reballing.

Automatic laser Reballing machine ZM-ZQ120A Advantages:

1. The heating and droplet dropping process is short and can be completed within 0.2s;

2. The solder ball is melted in the tip, without splashing;

3. no need for flux, no pollution, to ensure the life of electronic devices;

4. The diameter of the minimum solder ball is 0.25mm, which is in line with the trend of integration and precision development;

5. The welding of different solder joints can be completed by selecting the size of the solder ball;

6. The welding quality is stable and the yield is high;

7. With CCD positioning system, it is suitable for high-volume production of assembly lines.

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Automatic laser Reballing machine Technical Parameters

Power Supply AC220V,10APower 3000W
Laser power75WControl SystemPLC + PC image processing
Welding accuracy±10umGas source pressureCompressed air >0.5MPa, Nitrogen > 0.5MPa
Processing Plate Size200*150mm (OEM )CleanlinessStatic <1K, Dynamic <10K
Solder balls size0.2-0.76mmDimensions
Net weight
150kgYield rate
≧99% (2PIN module)
Unit Per Hour ( UPH )≧ 10000 (2PIN)Brand
Seamark ZM

Automatic laser Reballing machine

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