Project Description

LCD bonding machine

Main Features:

1, PLC control, pulse heating mode, combined with titanium alloy extrusion head, rapid heating and rapid cooling, can be set up four heating, accurate temperature control

2, 5.7 “color touch screen LCD display input, realizing the temperature curve, according to the Chinese menu, all the parameters set browse concise and straightforward

3, large load platform, stepper motor drive, multiple IC can be preset position, the platform automatically move the pressure to stay

4, under the high magnification camera system, ensure that the product clearly counterpoint

5, powerful software, perfect the system debugging, automatically detect fault and alarm function

TAB bonding machine – What Problem it Can Repair 

A variety of LCD problems, such as Vertical, horizontal, black belt, the black line, the color line, ribbons, multi-line, flower screen, black screen, white show, horizontal, vertical half and half fault, and so on

This equipment is suitable for a variety of FPC / COF / TAB and LCD or PCB board combination bonding,. It is a professional high precision repair equipment for repairing 2K, 4K and curved screen different sizes of LCD screen cable damage or natural fall off

COF LCD bonding machine Application

Suitable for 12-65 inch TFT Panel and TAB, FPC and LCD or PCB board combination bonding

ACF bonding machine – Application Field

Mainly used in TFT-LCD, IPS, LTPS, OLED and other display panel industries

Technical Parameters

Support Max LCD size120 inch
Heating modePulse heating
Working platform size1800mm*800mm
Working precision≤±0.01mm
Working capacity(PCS/HOUR)28 pieces
Input powerAC220V±10%,50Hz
Hot pressing head size:1.5mm*50mm(Can be customized)
Alignment system2 High definition C/LCCD camera
Programming control devicePLC controller
Work pressure0.4~0.8Mpa
Temperature error range±0.5℃
Alignment system2 High definition C/LCCD camera
Operation mode7inch touch screen control
Machine weight450KG
Machine size1800mm (L) ×1200mm (W) ×1400mm(H)
Platform moving wayManual operate

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