Large PCB BGA repair station ZM-R730A BGA rework station

Repairing Micro BGA, VGA, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, SMD, PCB

Mobile Phone Board

LED ( LED lamp ), IC, AMD, CPU, Laptop, PS3,PS4,XBOX360, Computer PC

TV motherboard, TV set top box ( Multi-Media and set top box )

Defence and Aerospace, Gaming Console, Storage, etc.

  • The top heater adopt ceramic honeycomb heat system, which has high thermal conversion efficiency.
  • The top heater and the bottom heater can be moved synchronous, so that the PCB can be positioned fast.
  • The bottom heater can avoid components on the bottom of the PCB board through lifting, which makes the operation easy and convenient.
  • The infrared heating system and the PCB tray can be moved synchronous from lift to right, so that the repair of large PCB board will become more convenient. What’s more, the infrared heating system using carbon fiber heater and heat-resistant glasses which make preheating more evenly.
  • There are many kinds of operating mode; the chip can be desoldered and mounted through pressing a button. The operation is very simple.
  • Due to laser positioning device, it enabling rapid conversion, without setting burdensome parameter for different products .
  • It has 7 section temperature control, which in accordance with lead-free repair process.
  • HDMI high-definition digital imaging system, which can move forward and back; up and down automatically. You can inspect the edge of BGA from all directions and mount the components accurately.
  • X、Y、Z、R axis can be adjusted and compensated alignment automatically. Same batch of mounting is not necessary to repeat alignment.
  • The usage of high precision K-type sensor realizing the precision direction of every point for PCB and BGA. What’s more, it has Automatic curve analysis function.
  • Built-in three-stage smoke purification system, which can filter poisonous gas. (optional)
  • The mounting head can rotate 360 degrees.

Large PCB BGA repair station ZM-R730A Application

  • SMT
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Maintenance of individual
  • Computer graphics
  • Mobile phone repair shop
  • Digital cameras Projectors
  • Game consoles
  • Audio
  • After sales Service

Suitable for SMD(BGA, QFP etc.) Repair, Support IC Chips Min Size. 2mm * 2mm.

Large PCB BGA repair station ZM-R730A Motherboard bga chipsets repair machine price

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