LED PCB Strip X Ray inspection Solution X1200

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TV backlight LED strip, PCB circuit board: The upper detector and the lower X-ray tube are used for synchronous movement. The stage adopts a fixed structure, and the LED light strip and PCB circuit board with a length and width of 1200mm*600mm can be placed. Lamps, dots, holes, etc. can be effectively detected at any position within this platform.

  • Detection of high-definition video: joints open,short,bubbles and other defects at a glance, 3.0s/ Inspection point.
  • It is easy to distinguish the gold wire bending and gold wire break of the semiconductor package.
  • 90KV 5 u m closed X-ray tube,with long life,maintenance in free
  • 1.3million high resolution digital flat panel detector
  • 30 degrees observation
  • It can be effectively tested within the range of 1200mm*600mm.
  • Automatic programming detection and automatic analysis Not good or Pass
  • More modular panels observation point setting
  • Utilizing the world’s top Japanese Hamamatsu X-ray source


TV backlight LED strip, PCB circuit board, LED

Youtube Demo: LED PCB Strip X Ray inspection Solution X1200 Seamark ZM

Other Application Field

X-Ray inspection system is high-precision detection equipment. It inspects and analyzes the inner structure of the object without damage via the penetration power from X-Ray.

Industrial X ray machines has been widely applied to BGA detection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, Aluminum casting, battery, automotive electronics, ceramic products, casting, plastic, connectors, 2.5D image analysis, pharmaceutical products and other industries.

Other Applications:

LED, SMT, BGA, CSP, Flip Chip Inspection

Semiconductor, Packing components

Battery Industry

Electronic components, Auto parts, Photovoltaic Industry

Aluminum Die Casting, Moulding Plastic

Ceramics, Other special Industries

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 LED PCB Strip X Ray inspection Solution X1200 Technical Parameters
X-RAY launching tube Maximum tube voltageSealed type X-ray Tube
X-RAY launching tube Maximum tube voltage90kV
X-RAY launching tube Maximum tube current200uA
Focal size5 μm
X-RAY launching tube MagnificationGeometric magnification:800 X
System magnification:1000X
Pixel matrix1176*1104 pixels
Detector Tilt angleTable 360°   Rotation Detector 60°
Easily to detect defect
Stage size1200mm*600mm
Net weight1550 kg
Input voltageAC220V 10A
X-ray leakage amount≤1 u Sv/h
Operation SystemWindows 7  
Total power1.7Kw
Flat Panel DetectorHD digital flat panel detector
LCD Monitor24 Inch
Dimension2000mm(L) * 1350mm(W) * 1860mm(H)
Software detection speed3.0s/ Inspection point
Shell Inner layer5 mm thick lead plate (isolated radiation)
LED PCB Strip X Ray inspection Solution X1200

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