Motherboard BGA Rework Station ZM-R7850A High-Precision

  • The device adopt x86 processor as the core control system, the industry-leading PC control system that supports software extensions, software installation and network monitoring; MES trace-back system connection, are free to read the required information
  • The Temperature curve can be analyzed and reported automatically, The origin can be traced if it has exceptional quality problem
  • Multiple operating modes, keyboard and mouse control. Click the mouse, complete the chip desoldering, mounting Process, Easy operation
  • It is adopt HDMI ultra-high-definition microscope industrial camera which can move forward and back; up and down automatically. You can inspect the edge of BGA from all directions and Mount the components accurately
  • The Standard automatic feeder can feed and discharge the materials automatically
  • The mounting head can be rotate 360 degrees to adapt to multiple chips
  • The top heater adopt ceramic honeycomb heat system ( patent) ), Which has high thermal conversion, Thus the Machine life can be longer
  • The infrared heater adopt the imported ceramic heater, which can preheat the PCB more evenly
  • It has 10 section Independent temperature control, Which in accordance with lead-free repair process
  • Mass Temperature parameters can be stored. It is very convenient to obtain the history parameters
  • X, Y axis is equipped with micrometer fin-tuning section, adjustment precision of ±0.01mm
  • The usage of high precision K-type sensor realizing the Temperature precision direction of every point for PCB and BGA. What’s more, It has Automatic curve analysis function
  • Built-in three-stage smoke purification system, which can filter poisonous gas. ( Optical )
  • Linear Motion machines Adopts the Japanese THK linear rail which guarantee the running accuracy

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Application Field- Motherboard BGA Rework Station ZM-R7850A

  1. SMT
  2. Semiconductor industry
  3. Maintenance of individual
  4. Computer graphics
  5. Mobile phone repair shop
  6. Digital cameras Projectors
  7. Game consoles
  8. Audio
  9. After sales Service

Suitable for Mobile Phone Board, Normal SMD(BGA, QFP etc.) & Micro-SMD Components Repair 80x 80mm-0.5* 0.5mm IC. PCB motherboard support Max. 640 x 520mm

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Motherboard BGA Rework Station ZM-R7850A Technical Parameters

Power Supply AC380V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Top heater 1000W Bottom heater 1200W IR heater 6600W, other 600W
PCB Size635×520mm( Max );6×6mm(Min)

Sport control X/Y/ZX/Y/Z
BGA Size 80×80mm( Max );2×2mm(Min)

External temperature sensor5
Preheat temperature zone size565×435mm

Work ModeComputer intelligence operations

Control SystemServo Drive( Panasonic)+Industrial Host+ Heating plate(Germany)Display system
15〞HD LCD Monitor(1080P 16:9)+17〞SD LCD Monitor
Alignment system
2 million HD digital imaging systems,Automatic optical zoom (Korea CNB) + laser red dot indication
Camera perspective
50×50mm( Max )Removable camera
Vacuum adsorption

Mounting accuracy
Temperature control
K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop)Positioning
V-groove, PCB support(Can be customized shaped fixture)

Motherboard BGA Rework Station ZM-R7850A

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