Pick and place machine Chip Mounter Full autoamtic 8 Head

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Pick and place machine Chip Mounter Full autoamtic 8 Head

Product description:

The rapid development of Electronic Science and technology is inseparable from the innovation of the technology of electronic manufacturing and processing equipment,Designed to continuously reduce labor costs and improve productivity,Whether their own products or processing SMES can meet their needs,Gradually moving into the ranks of high speed and ultra high speed patch machines. Full automatic eight head high speed patch machine The performance is stable and reliable, the software is easy to operate, and the scope of the mounting is wide.It is not only possible Stable and accurate mounting Common 0201、0402、0603、0805、1206、1210、LED3528、LED5050、diode、Triode、SOT and so on;Also added mainly the following three functions:

(1) The highlight of this new device increased

Professional mounting chip 500 million pixels High definition imported industrial grade calibration camera as well as 500 million pixel high-definition  distortion free industrial visual lens;After technical breakthroughs to improve Can be mounted 40*40mm Within the scope 0.3mm foot spacing(0.5mm center distance) above the chip , The success rate is higher than 98%solve it completely density chip foot as well as BGA chip Difficult to install problem.

(2) Added eight industrial-grade rapid recognition cameras,Eight cameras can be identified at the same time ,Greatly improve the mounting efficiency,Almost doubled on the basis of the original.

(3) Increased Automatic scanning MARK point as well as three sections Automatic Get into Conveyor plate function,Further improve the When replacing the PCB board Mount accuracy Improve production efficiency,Make the operation more convenient and simple;and can be used with other equipment generate SMT assembly line.

(4)  Eight head Placement machine The core part of the upgrade is mainly embodied in software algorithm deal with,This version In the programming area made a deep level of data optimization,It is mainly embodied In the programming process Fewer and fewer operators are involved , Most of the tedious work is done to the computer.,What the operator needs to do is to follow the advice given by the software Mount Feeder.

This product has completed the final test and formally put into the market,Configuring high performance stability, Simple and easy to understand, It is a cost-effective genuine automatic placement machine.

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Pick and place machine Chip Mounter Full autoamtic  With 8 Camera+80 Feeders Technical Parameters

Technical Parameter:

  • Number of feeders:80
  • Number of IC tray:8
  • Number of heads:8
  • Number of Cameras:10
  • Automatic board:Three-stage track
  • Guide: Screw Guide
  • Average power: 1000W
  • Positioning precision: 0.01mm
  • The buffer range of suction nozzle: 4.5mm
  • Power supply: 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Compressed air: 0.5-0.6Mpa
  • Drive motor: Panasonic servo motor
  • Recognition mode: simultaneous recognition of eight heads
  • Vacuum source of suction nozzle: high-speed on-off vacuum generator with vacuum breaker
  • Maximum circuit board area: 500×455mm
  • Maximum travel scope in Z axis: 20mm
  • Tape feeder: 8, 12, 16, 24mm and vibration suction (mounting pipe chip)
  • Maximum mounting speed: 15000 Pcs/h
  • Average mounting speed of actual mounting resistance: 12000Pcs/h
  • XYZ drive guide rail: TBI high-precision reloading linear guide rail.
  • Motion drive system: Panasonic high-speed DSP drive
  • Operating system: full-automatic chip mounter operating system independently developed by WZYINGXING based on Windows operating system, and it supports windows xp, win7 operating system.
  • Element angle: 0-360°, synchronous rotation during movement
  • X/Y operation mode: intelligent curve of the linear acceleration and deceleration linkage
  • MARK point positioning: full-automatic (the MARK point can be adjust at will)
  • Intelligent alarm: automatic correction, automatic filling, feeding shortage alarm
  • Plate entering mode: automatic connection from left to right in single sections, automatic PCB transfer positioning. /plunger positioning,manual plate feeding.
  • Visual display: 17-inch industrial control display, 4:3, resolution: 1280×1024
  • Number of recognition cameras: One Mark recognition camera, four quick-recognition cameras and one precise-recognition camera.
  • Number of recognition cameras: One Mark recognition camera, eight quick-recognition cameras and one precise-recognition camera.
  • Adaptive mounting scope: Adaptive to 0201,0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, diode, audion, SOT, QFP within 40*40mm and the pin distance ≥0.3mm (0.5mm center distance) and BGA.
  • Product weight:600KG
  • Dimension: 1420*1370*1350mm

Pick and place machine Chip Mounter Full autoamtic 8 Head Price list

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