Semi-automatic BGA Rework Station ZM-R7220A

Repairing Micro BGA, VGA, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, SMD, PCB, All Mobile Phone Board

LED ( LED lamp ), IC, AMD, CPU, Laptop, PS3,PS4,XBOX360,

TV motherboard, TV set top box ( Multi-Media and set top box )

Computer PC, Defence and Aerospace, Gaming Console, Storage, etc.

  • Large area of infrared carbon fiber Pre-heating system, with the advantage of pre-heating fast and evenly and no light pollution.
  • Temperature parameters protected by limits of authority, for avoiding error settings.
  • Ten segments of temperature control process, suitable for all kinds of BGA Rework.
  • Unlimited storage of the temperature profile, just need press one key to use the profile.

What’s More,

  • Three K-type sensors available can realize the high precise temperature testing of each point of PCB or BGA, and PC can generate report of curves analysis automatically.
  • Desoldering and soldering automatically, No need the manual adjustment
  • Hot air flow can be adjustable to meet the demand of any chips
  • USB Connection driver-free, PC control
  • The bottom hot air lifting control available in the front panel, it is convenient to adjust at any time.
  • Laser positioning available, to make the positioning faster.

Youtube Demo: Iphone BGA Chip Repair by ZM-R7220A BGA Rework Station

Application- Semi-automatic BGA Rework Station ZM-R7220A

  • SMT
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Maintenance of individual
  • Computer graphics
  • Mobile phone repair shop
  • Digital cameras Projectors
  • Game consoles
  • Audio
  • After Sales Service
  • LED line

Suitable for SMD(BGA, QFP etc.) Repair, Support IC Chips Min Size 2mm * 2mm

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BGA rework station Cases

Semi-automatic BGA Rework Station ZM-R7220A Technical Parameters

Power Supply AC220V±10% 50/60HzPower Top heater 1000W Bottom heater 1200W IR heater 2700W
PCB Size 415×370mm( Max ); 6×6mm(Min) Sport control X/Y/ZZ
BGA Size 60×60mm( Max ); 2×2 mm(Min)External temperature sensor1
Preheat temperature zone size285×375mm Work Mode7" HD Touch Screen - Import
Control SystemAutonomous heating control system V2 (with software copyright)Display system
15〞SD LCD Monitor (720P)
Alignment system
2 million SD digital imaging systems,Automatic optical zoom + laser red dot indication
Camera perspective
50×50mm( Max )
Vacuum adsorption
Mounting accuracy
Temperature control
K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop),Accuracy ±1°C
V-groove, PCB support

Semi-automatic BGA Rework Station ZM-R7220A

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Semi-automatic BGA Rework Station ZM-R7220A

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