ZM-7800 PCB X Ray Inspection Machine

Applications-ZM-7800 PCB X Ray Inspection Machine

1: BGA/QFN inspection 2: Automotive electronics 3: PCB’A 4: LED

Mainly used for the analysis and measurement before the lamination process and after the drilling process in the production process of multi-layer circuit board PCB, and realize the accurate measurement and analysis of point-to-point, point-to-line, radius, diameter, concentricity, etc. Find process errors in advance to avoid batch quality problems.

Functions-ZM-7800 PCB X Ray Inspection Machine

The main functions are as follows:

  1. Measurement function: point to point, line to line, diameter, radius, concentric circle, layer offset.
  2. Application process: pressing (inspection of fusion and rivet alignment), drilling (inspecting the first board of drilling).
  1. Software function: It can be connected to the Internet, and the software operation surface can save two pictures in real time, and can store pictures.
  1. Operating table: high-quality marble is used to prevent damage to the PCB board.

Features-ZM-7800 PCB X Ray Inspection Machine

  1. The X-ray tube can be set independently to meet various board thickness inspections
  2. Independent research and development of high-definition imaging system, simple judgment
  3. Humanized software system, easy to operate
  4. Maintenance-free
  5. A variety of software functions such as calculation and measurement
  6. 10-20x optical zoom meets the detection of tiny holes
  7. Automatic start and stop function to prevent the machine from being turned on for a long time
  8. Marble platformcountertops effectively prevent scratches on the board surface

Technical Parameters  -ZM-7800 PCB X Ray Inspection Machine

X-RAY tube Sealed X-ray tube
Tube voltage 50kV
Tube current 1.0mA
Focal spot size 0.1 *0.1mm
Detector High-resolution X-ray CCD camera
Resolution 20lp/mm
FOV Φ25mm
Magnification 15-30X
Standard table size 1060 mm *800mm
Dimensions H1600 mm *W700 mm *L1200mm
Weight 200kg
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Radiation dose <1μSv/h

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