Compared with manual SMD counter machine, Advantages of X-ray SMD counter

I believe that many companies have experienced the mid-year inventory and year-end inventory. For electronic companies, the statistics of electronic components are very time-consuming, scattered small components, making the inventory of personnel time-consuming and laborious, seriously affecting the quality of work. And the efficiency of the enterprise, the X-RAY spot machine can solve these problems very well.

Advantages of X-ray SMD counter:

  1. 1. No need to disassemble the package, component reel raw materials directly into the warehouse, directly inventory.
    X-Ray SMD Parts Reel Counter XC1000
  2. It can better maintain the integrity of the product without affecting the moisture and pollution of the product.
  3. Reduce inventory staff
    X-Ray SMD Reel Counter SMD component counter

It can directly arrange one or two Staff to operate the X-ray component SMD counter machine to increase the counting speed and achieve higher efficiency;

The inventory data can be directly uploaded to the enterprise ERP system, which is very helpful for all departments of the enterprise to understand the quantity of the products, especially the production-related operators.

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