Camera BGA Quality Inspection- Offline X ray Case

Longse Technology Co., Ltd. ( was founded in 2006, is a professional IOT (Internet of Things) solution provider with video as the core, providing security, visual management and big data service for the world. We uphold the values of dedication, integrity, innovation and excellence, aspiring to become a first-class national enterprise and world-class enterprise.

Longse Technology Co., Ltd. Brought Seamark ZM X-6600 X-Ray Images Machine for camera, wireless camera, wireless kit and so on. The camera value more than USD1250/per, Longse purchased the x ray for inspection camera BGA, Save more time and energy to do after sales work. ROI shows it is deserve to invest.

The x ray machine can help Longse to inspect Slanting, Bridge, Voids, Cold Solder, Bonding wire-Inspect Internal cracks & Defects, and measure the Voids Proportion for you.

BGAs are in every PCB especially mobile phones and telecommunication PCB has multiple BGA and cost of these BGA goes upto 30 to 35 USD per BGA. BGA cannot be inspected without X Ray machine. Just imagine in mobile company service center average 10 to 15 mobile cards are replaced per day for the product under warranty. This equals 164250 USD wasted per year and what is the cost of X ray machine for mobile phone, mere 42000 USD.

There are many other examples of it, to serve your customer better with right quality constant you have to have X Ray machine in your factory. Customer satisfaction should not be the only motto but exceeding there expectation is right attitude and truly delighting the customer.

The Electronics x ray machine detecting the BGA of the camera, other applications range are:

  1. PCB, PCBA Surface Mounted Board, MLB, ect.
  2. μBGA, BGA, CSP, ACF, Flip-Chip, FPCB
  3. Semiconductor Chip, Fine Pitch Electronic Components, etc.
  4. Engineering Plastic Injection Molding, Camera Module, etc.
  5. Rechargeable Batteries (incl. EV & ESS)

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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