Casting NDT inspection

Casting refers to the casting of metal. In the process of manufacturing, due to the gas generated during the cold casting and forging process, many small pores are easily caused in the casting, which has a certain influence on the overall tightness of the casting.

Casting NDT inspection method:

There are problems with castings. If some problems are more serious, the quality defects of the products will be increased. Generally, non-destructive testing equipment is used in the market to detect the quality of castings, such as X-RAY, ultrasonic, etc.

Loose casting: During the solidification process of the casting, due to solidification shrinkage or the presence of gas, the castings produce voids, resulting in insufficient tightness of the casting;

Impurities: Castings are mixed with other fine particles, foreign matter, etc., affecting product quality;

Internal defects: After the castings are manufactured, the process technology lags behind, causing defects such as bubbles, cracks and delamination of the castings;

Small defects won’t affect the normal use of the product, but for the precision of scientific research, the product’ quality is very important, in order to ensure the quality of the casting, X-RAY inspection equipment, ultrasonic non-destructive testing can be used to test the casting.

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