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As the global resumption of work and schooling is accelerating, the epidemic prevention tests at entrances and exits of crowds such as institutions, schools, hospitals, office buildings, high-speed rail stations, airports and factories face huge infection risks. Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation integrates temperature measurement and disinfection into one-stop solution. It is served by AI throughout the day, automates the rapid and accurate resolution of the commuting and epidemic prevention process, so that the process of reinstatement and reinstatement of epidemic prevention is worry-free.

After unblocking, high-speed rail stations, passenger stations, Schools, factories, etc. ushered in peak passenger flow.

Efficient anti-epidemic testing for inbound people is particularly critical at airports and other ports.

Control Coronavirus one-stop solution details

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation Function: It provide one-stop solution. Its workflow is: mask recognition → temperature measurement → face attendance check (optional ) → hand disinfection → full-scale atomization disinfection, to achieve full contact without contact and avoid cross infection.

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The workstation is divided into a detection area and a disinfection area. The detection area performs mask recognition, body temperature measurement, face attendance check-in (optional), and hand disinfection. It is completed within 3 seconds. The disinfection area is fully atomized and disinfected within 5 seconds. Both areas can work at the same time. In the case of continuous traffic, the passing speed is less than 5 seconds (under ideal conditions).

Multi-point infrared thermal imaging, atomization disinfection system, embedded visible light face recognition and many other black technologies. Multi-point infrared thermal imaging, wide measurement range, high accuracy, fast speed, adapt to different heights, accuracy is higher than ± 0.3 degrees Celsius.

The atomization disinfection system is equipped with two air curtains at the front and back, making the entire disinfection area a closed disinfection space. The mist filled inside realizes full-scale immersion disinfection of the body and items.

The design is simple, easy to use, only need ordinary power supply, simple debugging can be used. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with a set of directional wheels and a set of universal wheels to facilitate mobile deployment. The universal wheels are made of nylon and can adapt to various road surfaces. Equipped with ramp steps on both sides, safe and convenient access.

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