Fire Drill – family of X-ray inspection machine BGA rework station

According to the company’s work management objectives for safety production activities in 2018, the fire drill was held on July 31. The drills were carried out in an orderly and intensive manner in accordance with pre-planned plans and achieved great success.

The fire drills were arranged carefully. The management personnel and employees of the whole factory attached great importance to them. All the staff members were responsible for each and every one of them, and they were responsible and responsible for ensuring that the exercise was foolproof.

Family of Industrial X-ray system machine & BGA rework station

Through this fire drill, the emergency personnel were provided with a practical simulation training to familiarize the emergency personnel with the necessary emergency operations, further enhancing the staff’s awareness of prevention and emergency escape and self-rescue, and provided valuable experience guarantee for the real emergency response.

This kind of drill activity not only accumulated experience for the exercise of our company, but also provided reference for the practical operation of many emergency plans.

After the drill, only after careful summarization can the purpose of the drill be achieved. From the summary, each staff can get the purpose of learning and improving again. For the command and management, through the summary of the drill, you can find the problems in the emergency plan, and you can find out the improvement measures and raise the plan to a new level.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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