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    Article by Parminder Singh

    Quality is a constant and it cannot be changed for a particular product. Depending upon the application the
    value of quality constant changes for that very product but still it has fixed value. We can only change the
    constant “n” to (n-1) which means cheating the customer.

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    There may be different method or processes used to achieve that quality constant but for a particular
    application it is fixed. Some method or process may be costly and others may be cheap for the same product,
    how to identify that, it happens only with the X Ray machine. Like in the process there is a band, upper control
    limit and lower control limit, similarly cost of the product production also there is a cost band in which this
    quality constant remains. You have to achieve that cost band to optimum side and profit your organization
    using X Ray machine and deliver right quality to the customer.

    X Ray machine assures you 100% that you have set your process right and with right quality constant. You are
    100% confident that what I am producing is absolutely right. You can say with 100% confidence to your
    customer that you have produced right product. Currently you are saying to the customer sir, every parameter
    is fixed, we have used best quality solder paste, we have done all the testing, but we do not know how it
    happens. No if and buts say with confidence we are using X Ray machine and we are 100% sure about the
    quality not an iota of doubt about it.

    The cost of the process depends upon whether you have an X Ray machine or not. Till now we calculate
    process cost from start to beginning but if you have an X Ray machine, you will calculate the process cost from
    back to start and make huge profits from it. How?

    Whenever we start new product we do the first article or pilot Run to set the new process and check the final
    parameters of the Machines and we do this in an ideal condition. Ideal Condition means all the required
    process step is define in detail. In pilot Run or first article we check that board passes all the stages without any
    problem. Once the board passes all the Machines without any problem we run the batch of 10 boards to check
    the repeatability of the process, the board has to pass each and every stage of the production including testing
    till packing. After this we implement the JIT (Just in time) and constantly improve our process for better
    quality, process and cost. Using X Ray we can improve our cost band to the right value without affecting the
    quality constant.

    We might be using the best machines in the world but there are always variables hidden in terms of macro
    and micro variables.

    Macro variables are manpower, non-calibration of the Machines shortcuts by operator and sometime cost

    Macro variables maybe right in your own perspective but the final result cannot be checked with naked eyes
    you might think that you have made best use of macro variables and from naked eyes everything is perfect but
    in actual quality has gone bad. The quality constant has been seriously affected.

    Micro variables are bad solder paste chemistry, voiding, actual quantity of solder paste versus required, hair
    line bridging these things we cannot check with naked eyes, only x-ray machines can do it, my emphasis is that
    macro variables, which are few, in your control and few are out of control can be only checked by using X-ray

    What x-ray machine can do for you?

    How X ray machines helps in keeping quality constant same and increases our profits to new high. You will be
    surprised to see how ROI of X Ray machine will be recovered in Months only. Here are few examples:
    Example:1 We normally use 6 mil or 8 mil stencils why, no one knows, for non-moving products like, Energy
    meters, routers, desktop computers do we really need 8 mil? But if you have an X Ray machine, you can
    measure easily the volume and height of the joint, whether the joint is good or No Good (NG) post reflow. And
    if it complies to the standard you may find 4 mil is good enough and you will save 50% of the cost. I think BGA
    are best soldered in 4 mil stencil, less solder paste slumping, better release of solder paste from the stencil due
    to less friction, less out gassing, minimum voids then, chances of bridging is also minimum. Now days in
    mobile PCB components are also very small 0201, 0402, micro BGAs Micro QFN and DFN. Huge cost saving and
    your quality constant is still the same and you are 100% sure;
    Example:2 Your process thruput is poor and your constraint is reflow profile, referring to above macro variable
    you change the speed of the conveyor from 0.8 m/min to 0.9 m/min, fearing quality will be effected. But you
    never know you can increase up to 1.4 m/min, check the joint chemistry in X Ray machine, fillet height, voids,
    bridging, hair line bridging if all is fine then change it. Your quality constant is still the same using X ray
    machine and you are 100% sure about it;
    Example:3 BGAs are in every PCB especially mobile phones and telecommunication PCB has multiple BGA and
    cost of these BGA goes up to 30 to 35 USD per BGA. BGA cannot be inspected without X Ray machine. Just
    imagine in mobile company service center average 10 to 15 mobile cards are replaced per day for the product
    under warranty. This is the minimum I am quoting. Oppo, Lava, Nokia, each company has thousands of service
    center across India. Normally they do not repair they just replace the complete PCB. This equals 164,250 USD
    wasted per year and what is the cost of X ray machine for mobile phone, mere 42000 USD.

    So, you can see how X Ray machine can change so many things without effecting the quality constant and ROI
    on the machine is also in few months. There are hundreds of other examples of it, I cannot quote all of them.
    So, to serve your customer better with right quality constant you have to have X Ray machine in your factory.
    Customer satisfaction should not be the only motto but exceeding their expectation is right attitude and truly
    delighting the customer.

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    Parminder Singh
    28 years of Experience in Electronics assembly (India) 
    Email ID: parmindersinghjass@gmail.com or sales25@zhuomao.com.cn

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