MEMSIC pushes semiconductors to the world | Seamark x ray

MEMSIC is the world’s leading provider of inertial MEMS sensors and solutions. MEMSIC’s technology connects the real world and the digital world, and provides people with more intelligence, reliability, and Safe technology experience.

MEMSIC was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Tianjin, China. It has R&D facilities in San Jose, USA and Wuxi, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei, China. It has manufacturing and packaging and testing plants in Wuxi and Shanghai, China. Its sales and technical support network covers Asia-Pacific and North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and so on.

For the semiconductor field, Seamark has done some customers, such as Nexperia, Weihai Singa, Kinsus Interconnect Technology Co, SENTRONIC ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY and other semiconductor companies. For the detection of whether there is an abnormality inside the semiconductor, here are a few test cases, as shown below:

MEMSIC pushes semiconductors to the world Seamark x ray

How to ensure the quality of IGBT semiconductor products has also become the core of semiconductor manufacturers. Whether there are bubbles or cracks inside, there are also certain differences between products made of ceramics, metals and other materials.

Some examples of internal bubble defects are attached below. The blue line is the outline that needs to be detected by the software (not to identify the entire product, but to identify the area that needs to be detected), the red circle is the bubble graph, and the green number is Bubble ratio.

MEMSIC pushes semiconductors to the world | Seamark x ray

MEMSIC bought the X6600 x ray inspection machine and used X-RAY equipment to analyze the internal structure and invisible defects of the product to achieve the goal of improving product quality.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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