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X-ray is a kind of light with super penetrating power, which can directly penetrate the appearance of the product and directly reach the internal structure of the product. It can play a very important role in the identification of the internal structure of the product.

At present, high imitation products are endless, many high Imitation products have similar appearance, but the internal structure design is different, especially the precision products, it is impossible to disassemble at will, so only the advanced technical means can be used to distinguish the product details. Now, the non-destructive testing ( NDT ) method has X-ray inspection machine and ultrasonic detection, magnetic particle testing, NDT x ray detection are as follows.

Method for detecting electronic components:

For example, the internal structure of several electronic components is different:

Method for detecting electronic components-IC chip detection:

The chip to be tested and the genuine chip are compared under the X-ray inspection machine.

As can be seen from the figure, the internal structure of the chip under X-ray detection is quite different.

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