Industrial PCBA X ray inspection machine case

Due to various factors such as the design level, the company/Factory will inevitably have some defects or flaws in the product quality. How to quickly detect the problem product and eliminate the defective product? An efficient and practical x-ray non-destructive inspection machine ( NDT ) is a good tool in the production process of an enterprise.

In July 2018, Dongguan Jinteite Electronics Co., Ltd, Dongguan Jinteite Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in SMT processing, SMT foundry, DIP plug-in processing, post-welding processing, card reader OEM, PCBA OEM, computer peripheral products processing, electronic Product OEM and ODM foundry manufacturing plants. Purchased Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology Seamark ZM Industrial x-ray non-destructive inspection System ( NDT )  ZM-X6600, it used for inspect for PCBA, Circuit Board, and Electronic Components.

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The X ray inspection system helps companies solve quality problems, improve their productivity and Save labor costs.

Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology has formed a high-tech industry platform with micro/nano detection technology as its core.

Shenzhen Zhuomao specializes in high-end users in the manufacturing industry, engineering applications and scientific research in the fields of new materials, advanced manufacturing, petroleum geology, and life sciences etc.

what Industrial X-Ray machine can do?

Defects that can be inspected by x-ray inspection equipment system include: soldering, bridging, insufficiency, insufficient solder, pores, device missing etc., especially for solder joint hidden devices such as PCBA BGA and CSP.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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Highest Quality levels Tool X-ray for industries-SMT/batteries/ceramic/Electronic /semiconductor;

The difference between the detection equipment AOI & X-RAY

PCBA X ray inspection machine case