Persang Alloy Industries X ray 6600 for PCB

Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. (PAI) is one of India’s largest manufacturers / exporter of solders, soldering chemicals and alloys. Based in Vadodara, Customers include Sony, HP, Siemens, Asus, Foxconn and so on, with high recognition since 1989.

PAI manufactures a wide variety of solders, lead free alloys and fluxes in various forms which perform critical tasks in the electronic, electrical and automobile industries.

Persang Alloy Industries X ray 6600

Persang Alloy Industries X ray 6600

The most common problem with solder paste/solder is the inclusion of impurities, which is very detrimental to the soldering effect. This is a special concern for solder paste manufacturers. The solder paste contains impurities, which will not only affect the soldering effect but also affect the customer’s experience with the product.

Thanks to the manufacturer – PAI for being responsible for products quality, let us experience good product quality.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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