Seamark Xray X6600 advantages

Seamark Xray X6600 advantages

  1. The equipment complies with CE, FDA, China exemption certificate and other certificates
  2. The size of the detectable platform area is 500 * 450mm ( Support the maximum size of the sample is 640 * 540mm) , Load capacity≤10KG, the detector can be tilted 60 degrees, and the imaging is 2.5D
  3. Closed tube optional 90kv / 100kv / 130kv / 150kv (standard 90 / 130kv), copper plate can penetrate 3mm, aluminum plate can penetrate 5.5mm
  4. x ray tube is produced by Hamamatsu, the world’s top closed tube manufacturer
  5. The detector uses Korean Rayence HD CMOSflat panel detector with high fidelity
  6. Safety protection, 5mm(90kv)- 5.5mm (130KV )isolated lead plate , safety lock, glass windows and other doors cannot be opened during normal operation of the machine
  7. Software operation is convenient and fast, and the function is complete
  8. Provide local installation and training
  9. Can be networked, support data backup and traceability
  10. X ray equipment with automatic CNC detection function, automatic detection to generate pictures

11.Configured by advantech’s best brand industrial computer

12.Can automatically detect the bubble rate in the area

  1. Convenient operation, the mouse can be operated without manual remote control + button
  2. Simple and automatic BGA solder ball diameter and bubble ratio measurement
  3. Support international power supply (AC110-220V)

16.Suitable for testing semiconductor, PCBA board, LED, electronic manufacturing bridges, voids, open circuits, more tin and less tin, broken wires and other quality defects

Seamark Xray X6600 advantages

  1. X ray tubemaintenance-free,and has a long service life
  2. Suitable for high-volume bubble detection
  3. And so on.

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