Seamark ZM/Zhuomao & Alibaba Conference

2018.7.26, at the Alibaba Center in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Zhuomao & Seamark ZM team participated in the Alibaba conference to learn about the latest import and export market, corporate planning, team building.

Learning will make the company and the team develop faster, Let Seamark ZM & Zhuomao serve our clients better and meet their needs about products of x-ray machine & BGA rework station.

Seamark ZM/Zhuomao & Alibaba strategic cooperation

In the future, we will strengthen more strategic cooperation with Alibaba and make it grow together.

Family of Industrial X-ray system machine & BGA rework station

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Maybe you still are interested inAs PCB designer and technician/Buyer, you do not know technologies Skills?

Highest Quality levels Tool X-ray for industries-SMT/batteries/ceramic/Electronic /semiconductor;

The difference between the detection equipment AOI & X-RAY

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