Zhuomao Technology participates in charity – “respect for the elderly”

Zhuomao Technology participates in charity – “respect for the elderly”

Mr. Wen Quan, Chairman of Zhuomao Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to charity, and his success in the field of intelligent BGA rework station and intelligent x-ray inspection machine has made him to give back to the society. With its excellent business philosophy and good example, Mr. Wen Quan always brings Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology into a company with social responsibility and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. This charity event was inspired by the general manager of the Shenzhen Lions Club charity organization.

Thanks for the support of Zhuomao, we will better contribute to the society.

If the teenager is strong, then China is strong! Every child is the future and hope of the motherland. It is the social responsibility of our generation to benefit the children. Zhuomao Technology practices corporate responsibility, feeds back the society with care, lights up a lamp, warms a heart, hopes to set an example with its own actions, and allows more companies and caring people to participate in charity and promote the greatness of the Chinese nation. The dream of revival was realized as soon as possible, and the Chinese dream was built together.

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