Skyworth Group pay attention to products quality inspection

Founded in 1988, Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in multimedia (smart TV, content operation business), smart appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, etc.), intelligent system technology, modern services. Industry and other four major businesses, the group has Skyworth Group (H00751) and Skyworth Digital (000810) two listed companies, several high-tech enterprises, with state-level enterprise technology center, national industrial design center, is “Made in China 2025 The first batch of demonstration units have been among the top 100 Chinese electronics companies for many years.

Skyworth Group Co., Ltd Pay Ateention to product quality and brand image all the time.

Under the continuous wave of new technology, Skyworth has introduced automatic production lines and quality testing equipment to improve the pass rate and achieve excellence.

Skyworth Group pay attention to products quality inspection

X-RAY inspection equipment is a non-destructive testing equipment. It does not need to open the product for testing. The x-ray directly penetrates the inside of the sample, maps the result graph inside the sample, and analyzes whether the product has defective defects according to the pattern.

X-RAY can detect internal cracks in components, Defects, BGA repair testing, etc. It is very meaningful to judge the virtual welding, false welding, shifting, etc.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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