SMT BGA X Ray machines

Article by Parminder Singh And Joy Rong

We define our SMT process on the basis so many assumptions, starting from Paste printing machine till reflow.

In printer we set our parameters till we get good quality print, similarly for pick and place machine, till all the component is perfectly aligned, and then reflow we set the profile and run the PCB.

And after reflow we do AOI and say perfect joints and start running the production. Wait here is where self deception comes into the picture let me explain? If you see a person with coat, pant and tie do you think he is an intelligent, soft spoken, mild hearted and polite by nature? No until or unless you meet him speak to him and judge his capabilities before that you cannot tell he is a right person or not? More over as the time passes you come to know that he has some good qualities and some bad qualities.

Your product quality is good is self deception by the SMT manufacturer without X Ray machine

Similarly how can you tell by seeing joint from eyes or from AOI that joint is good. Until or unless you do not see what is inside you cannot judge the quality of the joint. Do you think you can assure the quality of the solder joint from naked eye like above example.

More ever your AOI has assured joint is good but after some months in the field you will come to know that few location of the joints are so poor that you start getting field rejections.

So my friends you are living in the world of self deception, the action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or invalidated product, or situation is true, you are cheating yourself, your company and your customers.

Without X ray you cannot assure the quality of the joint, you have to see inside the joint, may be 20% joints has big voids which will fail later in the field, you cannot see only X Ray machine can see it, may be joint is half cured due to excessive ground plain in the PCB yo cannot see only X Ray machine can see it. May be your 12 mil pitch component does not have enough paste around and you loose its mechanical strength to hold it, you cannot see only X Ray machine can measure it properly. May be your BGA has free flow solder ball which will some time bridge with one pin and sometime other and your product start behaving erratically, you cannot see only X Ray machine can see it. There are hundreds of other examples if I keep on writing I will write a book on it.

My Suggestion to you is do not live in world of self deception buy and X Ray Machine today and be 100% sure that your product quality is world class and say with confidence to the customer if my product fails I will give you two pieces in return. Remove self deception from your process and quality now.

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