BGA Rework Station Material is indispensable for rework BGA chips. In the welding process, we have to contact the steps of planting solder balls. Here are some common consumables tools.

PSI solder paste
Solder paste is of great significance in the welding process! Whether it is re-welding or direct welding, we all need to apply flux paste first. When the chip is soldered, a small brush can be used to apply a thin layer of paint on the cleaned pad, wipe it as evenly as possible. Do not brush too much, or it will affect the soldering. In the repair welding can be used to draw a small amount of flux brush around the chip can be.

Solder ball
At present, the commonly used solder ball diameter is generally 0.30mm, 0.45mm, and 0.6mm. The 0.6MM solder ball is currently only found on the main chip of the MS99 movement. The 0.25MM solder ball is only used on the EMMC program IC. The rest of the DDR or main chip uses 0.45MM specifications (of course, 0.4MM is also acceptable). It is also recommended to use lead solder balls, which are easier to solder.

Due to the generality of the chip we use, we use a universal stencil. Generally, we use 0.5MM aperture, 0.8MM stencil mesh and 0.6MM aperture, ball distance 0.8MM stencil.

Reballing kit
There are many types of Reballing kits. It is recommended that you use a simple, direct heated seeding table. This Reballing kit is inexpensive and easy to operate.

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