TDK Navitasys India X Ray case

Navitasys India private Limited is belong to TDK Electronics AG (previously EPCOS AG) develops, manufactures and markets electronic components and systems under the product brands of TDK and EPCOS, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics as well as information and communications technology.

TDK Navitasys India X Ray case purchase

China branch and India branch already purchased ZM X7800 X ray inspection machine in this year, At September 2019, Navitasys India private Limited factory get ready to Manufacture the Motorola electronics Products series, Seamark ZM sent engineer to India for install and train x ray inspection machine, For x ray series machine, Seamark ZM are working with the world-leading suppliers, including VJ technology ( USA ), Korea Rayence, Hamamatsu Photon ( Japan ), Teledyne Dalsa ( USA ) and iRay ( China ), Omron ( Japan ), Googoltech ( China ) etc.

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It is great to know more and more companies are pay attention to products’ quality, Like TDK Electronics AG, There are many secrets to their success, and quality is one of them.

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TDK Navitasys India X Ray case