Tymphany Peerless Audio Inspect by Seamark X ray

Tymphany was founded in China in 2004, Peerless, a brand founded in Denmark in 1926. Many of Tymphany’s loudspeaker products have become industry models.

Tymphany is one of the world’s best manufacturers of vertically integrated audio products. Tymphany has four factories and five R&D centers in Europe and Asia, as well as sales and engineering companies in the United States. Whether it is custom speakers or complete audio systems, they have deep expertise throughout the process.

Tymphany Peerless Audio Inspect by Seamark X ray

Ultrasonic electronic equipment is an OEM order, and the production line warehouse needs to spend a lot of manpower every day to check the audio produced by the major brands. Due to errors in manual inspections, it is impossible to accurately determine faults and accurately control quality. X-ray inspection equipment is used to perform a full range of X-ray inspections on the products produced, which effectively reduces labor costs and improves inspection efficiency. Product failure rate, reducing asset losses caused by poor production.

Tymphany Peerless Audio Inspect by Seamark X ray inspection machine X6600

Seamark is capable of providing services to the world’s most challenging large-scale manufacturers, providing users with a good user experience and improving product yield.

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