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Wistron X Ray component Counter 

Wistron Corporation was established in 1998. Its predecessor was the R&D service organization of Acer Computer Co., Ltd. As one of the world’s largest ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing) companies, Wistron is committed to becoming an industry benchmark company in the field of professional foundry. It has six manufacturing bases, eight regional service centers and three R&D and design centers around the world. The company is headquartered in Taiwan, and its branches and operating points are in China, Japan, the Philippines, the United States, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. country.

Technology is the primary productive force. Undoubtedly, how to reasonably use technology to replace labor and achieve technological development. Wistron Corporation introduced the X-RAY dispenser to increase warehousing investment and reduce the number of warehousing personnel. Realize personnel management and cost control.

The X-RAY counting machine for counting electronic components such as SMT. It does not need to be disassembled and packaged. You only need to place the material tray in the waiting area of the tray. After the X-RAY switch is turned on, the equipment automatically enters the inventory. Mode, it takes about 8~12 seconds to produce the inventory results, and each time you can inventory up to 4 reel.

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Wistron X Ray component Counter Function:

Mainly used for the rapid counting of the reel type of material in SMT industry. Material types include all RC materials and IC materials.  It is based on the high industrial 4.0 standard, intelligent modular design, and can be used for 7-15inch Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray/IC moisture sensitive package, etc

We always pay close attention to the global SMT electronic assembly industry, quickly collect the new components, update and  process the new component reel required by customers every week, obtain images from the cloud and update the database every  month. We have repeatedly tested more than 5000 kinds of devices with different materials, and the global coverage of devices has  exceeded 98.7%.

The powerful database collects the image data of global counting system, including more than 15000 kinds of material  information.

It has 740000 test images and 190000 core images. Before each software update and release, all test image data have passed  the test.

After data enhancement, 5.37 million classification training images were obtained, which increased about 120000 images per  week. The training and testing time was about 48 hours.

Artificial intelligence counting, automatic calculation, software simple and convenient operation, no training costs.

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