X Ray BGA machine use – detecting bga PCB

BGA- Ball array package, which is a highly integrated package, uses array solder balls on the bottom of the package substrate to interconnect the I/O terminals of the circuit with the printed circuit board PCB. The quality of the BGA soldering has a large impact on the packaged device.

X Ray BGA machine use:

Since the packaged product cannot be visually inspected, X Ray inspection BGA machine, ultrasonic can detect the quality. The most commonly used tool is X-RAY BGA machine, which not only has the function of visual inspection, but also saves the image for analysis, area measurements can be made on the contours of product defects.

X Ray BGA machine use - detecting bga PCB

BGA solder joint inspection application:

IC, PCBA, LED, lithium battery, IGBT, etc. Object detection: For chip size measurement, chip position, cavity, lead frame, wire, open circuit of connection line, short circuit, abnormal connection, ceramic capacitor structure, trace , solder joint holes, poor molding, bridging, tombstoning, insufficient solder / excess solder, component tin area ratio, device missing.

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