X-RAY Application Case – BESTEC power supplies & converters inspection

BESTEC has set up branches in Suzhou, the United States, Germany, Taichung, Dongguan and other places. BESTEC Branch -Dongguan mainly manufacturing power supplies, power converters and other products.

The BESTEC’s business needs, Purchased Zhuomao Technology X-ray inspection Equipment ZM X7600.

X-RAY inspection Application Case BESTEC power supplies & converters inspection

What’s More,The high-performance & high-definition & high-resolution ZM-X7600 X-RAY inspection equipment. The Sealed Tube adopts the HAMAMATSU 123KV 5um x-ray tube – Japan. Detector 60° Tilting. Observation & stage can be rotated 360 degrees.

In addition,The ZM-X7600 x-ray inspection equipment can automatically detect and update, and upgrade the 3D module, which has  very significant effect on the industrial production and electronics manufacturing industries.

The Intelligent x-ray Inspection Equipment-X-RAY inspection Application Case BESTEC

Other Applications:

LED, SMT, BGA, CSP, Flip Chip Inspection

Semiconductor, Packing components

Battery Industry Electronic components, Auto parts, Photovoltaic Industry

Aluminum Die Casting, Moulding Plastic

Ceramics, Other special Industries

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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