X-ray inspection Application on PCB board

In recent years, the x-ray detector has developed rapidly. It has developed from 2D inspection to 3D inspection, 4D inspection and even 5D inspection. It has SPC statistical control function and can be connected to assembly equipment, to realize real-time monitoring of assembly quality. The advantages of using Seamark ZM x-ray inspection equipment are mainly reflected in:

X-ray inspection Application on PCB board SUN LYNN Circuits X6600 X ray PCBA

X-ray inspection Application on PCB board

(1) The detection coverage of process defects is as high as 97%. Defects that can be inspected include: false soldering, bridge connection, monument, insufficient solder, blowholes, missing components, etc.

(2) Higher test coverage. Penetrating the sample, imaging detection;

(3) Test preparation time is greatly reduced.

(4) Defects that cannot be reliably detected by other testing methods can be observed, such as: false welding, air holes, and poor molding.

(5) Double-sided board and multi-layer board need to be checked (with layering function).

(6) Provide relevant measurement information to evaluate the production process. Such as the thickness of the solder paste, the amount of solder under the solder joint, etc.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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X-ray inspection Application on PCB board