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Shichuangyi Electronic CO., Inc. (SCY) is an OEM/ODM storage solution provider that focuses on semiconductor assembly, key products are Semiconductor, BGA SSD, eMMC, eMCP, mSATA.

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2017, Shichuangyi Electronic CO., Inc. (SCY) Purchased Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology 1 set Seamark ZM x-ray non-destructive inspection System ( NDT ) ZM-X7600, it used for inspect for Semiconductor, BGA SSD, eMMC, and eMCP, mSATA. The machine will help SCY to get more order, Compared with competitor. Let SCY’s product achieves the highest quality, and provides the best value to our worldwide customers.

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In addition, x ray inspection machine widely applied to PCB detection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, battery, automotive electronics, power supply, vehicle electronics, Voltage device, ceramic products, casting, plastic, connectors, 2.5D image analysis, pharmaceutical products and other industries. If you need more Solutions, please email or Subscribe to us.

what Industrial X-Ray machine can do?

Defects that can be inspected by x-ray inspection equipment system include: soldering, bridging, insufficiency, insufficient solder, pores, device missing, etc., What’s More, especially for solder joint hidden devices such as BGA and CSP.

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Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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