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A: How are X Ray used in industry for quality control means to check for flaws in castings?

Q: Industry X Ray are used to detect voids, cracks, etc in castings and welds. The X Ray system pictures are displayed on a Display. the pictures indicates possible void, crack, etc.

Also, the x ray System can applied in the following Industry field:

1.Semiconductor package 2.Electronic connector module  3.Die Casting  4.Cars parts  5.Battery  6.LED  7.PCB’A  8.Wire  9.Others

A: What is the best way to protect from radiation while using industrial x-rays?

Q: The traditional methods are Time, Distance, and Shielding.

  1. Minimize the time you are near the x-Rays.
  2. Maximize your distance from the x-Rays.
  3. Put shielding between you and the x-Rays. Lead is normally used because of the high Z number and density.
  4. Put on protective clothing when X ray working.

A: What are some uses of x-rays?

X-rays are useful for medical, industrial, and exploratory imaging; and medical procedures. Because “x-rays” are a term loosely given to any ionizing radiation, including lower energy (true x-ray, man-made) as well as gamma and cosmic radiation.

X-ray imaging can be done for a variety of medical purposes. Traditional x-ray is simple and can be done for simple matters like identifying bone fractures; but advanced x-ray imaging like computed tomography can be done to volumetrically evaluate, say, a hip bone for the purpose of fabricating a titanium replacement joint.

Industrially, x-rays can be used to assure quality of fabrications throughout production and into its service life. Again, computed tomography can be used volumetrically, this time to compare the final production part to the CAD file to determine how accurately the process produces the part as planned. A variety of x-ray inspection processes can detect: delaminations, cold shuts, laps, tears, seams, inclusions, porosity, and cracks, and can be used to locate them or take dimensional measurements. Industrial x-ray is done on bridges, concrete, public structures, oil refineries, nuclear facilities, and aerospace manufacturing.

The food industry uses x-radiation to sterilize food. They use both machine-made rays and gamma radioisotopes.

The airplane and security industries use x-ray to identify prohibited and hidden items. They are usually dual-energy machine-generated.

Exploratory x-ray uses man-made x-rays and cosmic radiation to image the interior of unknown structures like the Ancient and Great Pyramids. [Ground-penetrating radar and laser mapping are also useful non-x-ray inspections for similar purposes.]

X-ray is also used for non-imaging purposes: in nuclear medicine, x- and gamma-rays are used to destroy known cancerous cells. You can imagine how grateful some people are for the destructive abilities of such an ill-reputed phenomenon as ionizing radiation!

We’ve only known of x- and gamma- radiation for a short time, and modern science has studied it even even shorter! There could be new uses for x-rays in the future.

More Knowledge will update later.

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