X ray SMD component counter

X ray SMD component chip counter Help SMT patch material Counter Quickly.

Qun-Da Technology Co., Ltd is located in Taiwan, China since 2008.

Mainly engages in computer main board, information and communication etc. Main sale is from SMT base-board process, DIP process to assembly / test / delivery / service and so on .

X ray SMD component counter

SMD chip parts components counter Pictures

Qun-Da using X ray SMD component Reel counter

Qun-Da Technology Purchased SMT lines from Japan JUKI KE2060E and KE2050E for meet customer’s need, two month ago, they purchased ZM x1000 X ray SMD parts counter machine to counting component Tray reel quickly, Fast counting speed to save manpower and time,around 10-15S/Reel, And No need to open the sealed package&take out moisture barrier bag, good choice for high sensitive components counting. The X ray SMD Chip counter Integrated to all major ERP/MES systems, and Connect with label printer, can apply new label with new quantity at once.

X ray counting-Fully automated equipment for better productivity.

Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station

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Advantages of X-ray SMD counter

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