Germany agent bought one set x-ray inspection machines ZM-X6600 From Seamark ZM, May, 15-May,18,2018,Seamark ZM Engineer Mr. Dong trained X-Ray machine in Germany.

Canadian Client Bought one set Seamark Microfocus X-ray Inspect System ZM-X6600,June,19-June 22,2018,Seamark ZM’ General Manager Mr.Clarence trained X-ray machine in Canada.

Before Training, The Client’ Engineer performed Radiation detection using ionizing Radiation detection performed Radiation detection using ionizing Radiation detection equipment According to the Government Regulation.

x ray pass report

It shows all X-ray machines pass Canada/Germany gov Regulation. Result shows When the X-6600 X ray detection device is working normally, the detection result of its surrounding ionizing radiation level is 0.08-0.09 uSv/H. The level is the same as the local environment. Learned the protection performance is extremely good, without any influence on the surrounding environment.

We not only passed the Canada/Germany gov Regulation, but also pass the Singapore gov Regulation, which also has very strict requirements for the X-ray Radiation Safety. Only after the third-party testing and certification, then they can use the machine.

X-ray application/ Microfocus X-ray scanner uses:

BGA detection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, battery, automotive electronics, ceramic products, casting, plastic, connectors, 2.5D image analysis, pharmaceutical products and other industries.

Thanks to the efforts of the Seamark ZM staff, It made Seamark ZM and Seamark ZM Equipment have won the recognition of our customers.

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