Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology & Tianjin Sanying Precision Instruments Co., Ltd signed strategic cooperation agreement

Enter Industrial 3D X ray machine Market, Not only 2.5D X-ray

On August 2, 2018, Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Sanying Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology and a launching ceremony for the joint laboratory of intelligent manufacturing X-ray nondestructive ( NDT ) testing.

In this cooperation, Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology and Tianjin Sanying Precision will complement each other in resources and advantages, will make better products for customers.

Shenzhen Zhuomao will make a major breakthrough in the field of 3D x-ray / CT Scan.

The members attending the signing ceremony: Sanying Precision: Dr. Xu Ying ( CEO ) and Dr. Li Mengfei, Chairman of the Futian District Political Consultative Conference, Shenzhen, Chairman Liu Yuxin, Secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Government of Hubei Province, Li Wenfeng, Shenzhen Baoan District Economic Promotion Director of the listing office Yang Haidong, President of the Agricultural Bank of China Baishizhou Branch Wang Bo.

The members of  Shenzhen Zhuomao: Mr. Wen Quan ( CEO ), Mr. Shang Wei ( Vice President ),  Mr. Wang Yuyu ( Vice President ) , Mr.  Clarence ( Vice General Manager ); Mr. Chen Yuze, CEO of Shenzhen Gretel Printing Materials Co., Ltd.

In the future, under the leadership of two wise and outstanding leaders, the two cooperative enterprises will work hard, strive for innovation, and work hard to promote the progress of the laboratory!

Bring more good products – NDT X-ray machines to customers!

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